It’s Coming . . .

Three weeks from today (August 19) is the release date of my mystery Peace, Love, and Murder. To celebrate, I’m posting the first chapter here.

Peace, Love, and Murder is narrated by Bo Forrester, who grew up on a commune outside an upstate New York college town. At eighteen, Bo rebelled against his hippie parents by joining the Army. Twenty years later, he’s back, looking for a simpler life. But the commune is now a housing development and his parents have moved on without a trace. Bo takes a job driving a cab. When the body of a local philanthropist is discovered in the trunk, Bo’s simple life gets complicated, fast.

Read the first chapter.


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4 responses to “It’s Coming . . .

  • Marianne

    YAY!!! I love Bo.

    I. Can’t. Wait.


    • nancyholzner

      Thanks, Marianne! 🙂 You probably don’t remember, but a comment you made on an early draft really helped me pull things together for this novel. I’ve always appreciated that.

  • Carol

    Hi Nancv,

    Although I read a lot of this when you were writing it, I am so looking forward to having a copy I can hold in my hands. Please keep me posted on your readings so I can catch up with you somewhere and get you to sign the book which I am advance ordering. I’m also already planning who I buy Christmas presents for that would enjoy this or the urban fantasy. I am so pleased for you.


  • nancyholzner

    Thanks, Carol! I hope things are going well with you. Are you still working on short stories?

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