Away for the Weekend — Poll Still Open

Today I’m leaving for my nephew’s wedding in Massachusetts. I’ll be back on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to seeing some beautiful fall foliage and hoping not to run into too much snow — usually not a problem in this part of the world in October, but the weather gods must have heard about my travel plans.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet voted in my poll about where you find new books to read, please do. I’ll keep the poll open for about a week and let you know if I learn anything interesting.

Enjoy your weekend. And if you’re in the northeastern U.S., stay warm!


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4 responses to “Away for the Weekend — Poll Still Open

  • Marianne

    Oh wowza… you got here just in time for SNOW!! Wish I’da know you were so close. I could have met you for lunch, or coffee (assuming you had the time *G*).

    Hope you had a good, safe and uneventful trip.

  • nancyholzner

    Darn, I didn’t realize you were that close to MA. It would’ve been fun to meet up. My daughter interviewed for a job in VT, so if she moves there I’ll be in New England more often. πŸ™‚

  • Kate

    I Check out who blurbed on the covers, if one of my favourite authors wrote a blurb I am 90% towards buying the book. Otherwise I literally spend hours wandering the isles in bookstores in the genres I like. Online bookstores that suggest books similar to ones I have been looking at as well as has a great system, hooking you up with similar books and authors as well as the books an author has blurbed on. They also seem to know eons before anyone else when a new book is due to come out.
    Speaking of which, I have Deadtown sitting on a shelf here, any idea if/when there’s going to be a second book?

    • nancyholzner

      That’s cool that Fantastic Fiction cross-references by blurbs. What a good idea. And I love spending hours in bookstores, too. It’s fun to sit down with a stack of books and decide which ones to buy (usually more than I intended).

      Deadtown’s sequelwill be out next January. (I’m working on edits now, which is why my posts here have been a bit sporadic lately.) It’s called Hellforged. Always like a nice, cheery title. πŸ˜€

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