Win an Autographed Copy of Deadtown!

SB Frank, who blogs about fantasy novels at Fantasy Literature . . . Frankly, will be giving away five copies of Deadtown over the next several weeks. The first giveaway is today.

They’ve got an interesting discussion going on about whether or not it matters to you, as a reader, that bloggers receive free review copies from publishers and authors. Do you think that getting free books skews (or could skew) their opinions?

When I send out review copies, I do so hoping that reviewers will like my book and will want to spread the word about it. But I don’t expect a positive review. I send out copies with the understanding that any given reviewer may dislike the book or may decide not to review it. The book is out of my hands, and it’s up to the reviewer (a) to choose it for a review — or not — and (b) to report on his or her experience of reading the story.

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, head over to Fantasy Literature . . . Frankly and join the discussion there. The site will give away five copies, so keep checking back for more chances to win.


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2 responses to “Win an Autographed Copy of Deadtown!

  • Glinda

    Unfortunately, you can only enter if you use Google Friends Connect. I refuse to use the service as a matter of principle because of privacy issues with Google (amongst other things). The blog owner told me that it is to prevent spam and “improve the qualtiy of discussion.” I moderate three blogs and know that there are many other ways of dealing with spam. And I find the quality of discussion improved by a more open comment policy. Hopefully, there will be other contests elsewhere….

  • nancyholzner

    There will definitely be other contests, Glinda. I’m working out details now and will post them on my events and contests page when they’re finalized.

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