Talk Like a Professor

Impress your teachers and colleagues! Confound your friends! Sound really, really smart without having the vaguest clue what you’re talking about!

Try the Virtual Academic to generate academic-sounding sentences that may or may not actually mean anything, like these:

  • The poetics of post-capitalist hegemony is strictly congruent with the construction of the gendered body.
  • The linguistic construction of consumption invests itself in the ideology of agency.
  • The fantasy of pop culture carries with it the (re)formation of power/knowledge.
  • The logic of the gaze opens a space for the invention of linguistic transparency.

Or go here to generate a random sentence that’s automatically critiqued by another virtual academic. Great for copying and pasting into term papers. (Just kidding!!!!)

I was an assistant professor for a few years. Really takes me back. We’ve got Talk Like a Pirate Day. Why not Talk Like a Professor Day, too? 😀


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