The Day After Thanksgiving

I hope you had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving. Cooking the meal was a challenge here. My sister-in-law is a vegetarian (headed toward vegan), my husband eats low-carb, my mother-in-law’s diet restricts fat, and I’ve been doing a carb-cycling program to lose a few pounds. My daughter doesn’t care what else is on the table as long as there’s roasted potatoes.

So various people had diet restrictions involving meat, starches, and fats. Not much we could put on the table that would work for everyone, and in trying to make sure that no one would walk away hungry—whatever they could or couldn’t eat—we ended up with way too much food. Turkey, Tofurkey, traditional gravy, vegan gravy, squash, creamed spinach, peas with mushrooms, jellied cranberry sauce, whole cranberry sauce, reduced-carb dinner rolls, wild-rice stuffing, low-carb stuffing, and other stuff I’m probably forgetting. And, of course, roasted potatoes. The old cliché about the table groaning was pretty much true in the Holzner household yesterday. There was barely room for place settings around the edges of the table.

And that made me think of some things I’m thankful for: That we can afford to put all that food on the table. That all of these different people with all of their different approaches to food (and to life) can come together for a filling meal and warm companionship. That the health issues behind some of the diets are under control or at least holding steady. That we have loving family members. It was a good day. Even if my daughter did hog the roasted potatoes.


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