Deadtown’s Sequel Has a Title

In my contract with Penguin, the first two books in my Victory Vaughn series are identified as UNTITLED ZOMBIE #1 and UNTITLED ZOMBIE #2. Deadtown‘s working title was Zombie Town, so those titles—or non-titles, really—made sense. Kinda cracked me up as I signed the contract, though.

My working title for the sequel has been Creature Comforts. If you’ve read Deadtown, you’ll know that’s the monster bar in the New Combat Zone where Vicky and her friends hang out. I used it as the working title because that’s where the novel’s inciting incident—the event that sets the plot in motion—takes place. But I always figured that we’d change the title along the way. I wanted something that had the same feel as Deadtown: one word, two syllables, strong impact.

Now I can announce that UNTITLED ZOMBIE #2 has a title:

What do you think? I like it. Not only does it sound like a followup to Deadtown, Hellforged comes straight out of the story: It’s the name of a weapon that Vicky must learn to use to fight a kind of demon she’s never encountered before. I’m not a big fan of titles that simply sound cool or link to other titles in a series but have no relationship to the story in the current book. So I’m happy with this choice.

Hellforged. Yeah, I like the sound of it.

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