When You’re Married to a Novelist . . .

Actual conversation on the way home from the coffee shop last night (warning: starts off sappy):

Me: Love you, Honey.

Husband: You’re the best!

Me: I’m the luckiest; you’re the best. [Pause] TERRIFYING!!! That’s the word I wanted!

Husband: ?!?!? [Pause] Oh, you’re still thinking about that back cover copy, aren’t you?



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9 responses to “When You’re Married to a Novelist . . .

  • AE Rought

    Husband: (with goo-goo eyes) What’re thinking about?

    Me: (utterly distracted) Chapter Twwnty-Five, after the pivot point reveal, and how to deal with the character’s emotions.


    • nancyholzner

      We have a term in my house for when my head is still in the writing space: Hi, Jerome. As when I’m mentally in the middle of a scene, look up at my husband, and say, “What? Oh, hi, Jerome.” (My husband’s name is Steve.) 😀 Last night was definitely a “hi, Jerome” moment.

  • Indigo

    Paul no longer spills his drinks or gives me one of those startled ‘deer in a headlight’ looks when I suddenly shout, “Aha!”

    My favorite part by far, is describing a scene to him and having him pause and ask, “Which book is this now?”

    If he had his way there would be ninjas in everything I write – to date there isn’t “one” ninja in any of my storylines.

    Writers are an eclectic blend of personality. (Hugs)Indigo

    • nancyholzner

      LOL Love the requests for ninjas. I think it takes a very patient person to put up with living with a writer. Those “Aha!” moments are so exciting they need to be accompanied by a shout.

      Steve is very patient at putting up with questions that begin “If you were a zombie…”

  • Beq

    Right now my husband and I are having discussions that start with…Me: “Now when was smokeless black powder invented? We can’t have the bad guys finding our heroine by the plume of smoke from her rifle.”

    Husband, “Hm…The timing would be just about perfect for the story. It was a recent invention, not everyone had it, but we could definitely make sure our heroines had it.”

    Me: giggling evilly, “Oh goody.”

  • nancyholzner

    LOL. You make writing together sound like so much fun!

    • Beq


      I need to crack the whip on him to get more done but considering he finished the kitchen tile job, w/o me, since I had to work that day I really can’t complain. And he’s been reading Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden Files book, Changes. Which is a good book and fairly consuming whilst one reads it. I burned through it in one 7-8 hour long read. He’s been working on it pieces for a week to ten days now.

      But I have some time off for the next two days so I’m going to try and get some more writing in. I don’t write fast, lack of practice I suspect, but when I do I don’t seem to be able to do it in ‘nibbles’. More like full meals, at least a lunches worth, of time to get the words on the page. I will finish that story I told you about and before the end of summer dang nabbit!

      • nancyholzner

        You guys have been busy! It’s interesting to read about your writing process, too. I’m not a particularly fast writer, either, although sometimes the stars align and I look up not quite knowing where I am and find I’ve written a couple thousand words. I wish that happened more often. I prefer decent chunks of writing time, as you do, but sometimes even a few minutes of tinkering with the writing from my last session keeps me in touch with the story.

        P.S. Yay for finishing stories! 🙂

  • Beq

    Heh, various people tell me that I’m TOO busy and that my to do lists are “unrealistic”. I know they’re right but its what I get for growing up in a perfectionists house!

    Now to do some more dishes. 😛

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