News flash from the day job!

I just got a copy of my latest nonfiction book, Buying a Home: The Missing Manual, which is on its way to bookstores now. Nice cover, huh? Even though there’s no flaming sword.


What does a novelist and former English professor know about buying real estate, you might wonder. Good question! My husband and I are also real estate investors specializing in residential properties. Since we’re both self-employed, we realized a number of years back that we’d need to figure out our own retirement plan. We decided on real estate, and we’ve bought numerous properties that we rent out to tenants. So we’re both very well versed in what it takes to find and evaluate a home, get a good mortgage, and close the deal.

This was a fun book to write, and it offers a lot of practical advice to potential homebuyers. Here’s what had to say about it: “This is one of the best buyer’s markets in quite some time. It’s tempting to buy a house right now. But before you rush off to buy, it might be a good idea to read this great book, Buying a Home: The Missing Manual, by Nancy Conner.” You can read the full review here.

I write all my nonfiction books as Nancy Conner, by the way, for one simple reason: That was my name when I started writing nonfiction. But it’s also nice to keep the fiction and nonfiction sides of my career separate.


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