On track so far

I’m staying on track so far with my revisions to Hellforged. My goal is to move forward by 30 pages a day. Some days that’s easy—the writing is pretty smooth and the plot zips along at a good pace. Other days I get hung up on a scene that needs work. That happened, not surprisingly, on the very first day of my Great Revision Marathon. There was a scene in Chapter 2 that I knew needed rewriting (I’d never been happy with it, and of course my brilliant editor zoomed right in on the problem), so I spent most of a day redoing five pages. The scene still needs polishing, but it’s soooo much better now.

I’m one of those people who likes revising. It’s harder for me to wrestle with a blank page than it is to roll up my sleeves and get to work on a scene that I’ve already drafted. I like shaping and polishing my prose. Maybe that’s because I used to be a teacher and a freelance editor; I can always see possibilities in the words already on the page. And I’ve been waiting so long to finish up the nonfiction project and get back to Hellforged—it makes me happy to be working on these revisions. Seriously. I feel just plain happy today in a way I haven’t in weeks.

Last night, after I’d finished working on revisions for the day, I read ahead to remind myself of what’s coming and in hopes that maybe my subconscious would fool around with today’s chunk of editing as I slept. I think it worked, because I  woke up thinking about this book this morning. I love that!

So. Onward.


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