Home stretch

I’ve got three scenes left to edit in Hellforged—actually, it’s more like two and two halves, but you get the idea. I’ll try to nail those down today and tomorrow, then do a final, full-novel run-through during the rest of the week. My goal is to hand in the final manuscript on Friday. My editor has been very patient since my nonfiction project ate my life and I had to ask for an extension, and I don’t want to try that patience any further than I already have. Plus my daughter is coming for a visit this weekend, and I want to spend time with her and not be like, “Yeah, sure, Sweetie. We’ll go out for lunch as soon as I kill this demon.”

Plus it’ll feel good just to be done. I’m brimming over with ideas for Book 3, and I want to put those into action.

Over the weekend, I discovered that Hellforged’s Amazon page is up. No cover yet (I still haven’t seen the cover design, myself), but the book already has a sales rank. Thank you, whoever preordered a copy!



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