Go zombie and win a Kobo!

Friend and fellow urban fantasy author Sean Cummings is having a contest to celebrate the release of Funeral Pallor, the second novel in his Valerie Stevens series, which releases in the U.K. on July 1. You could win a brand-new Kobo ebook reader, part of a cool Valerie Stevens prize pack.

Sean has a few easy requirements for entering the contest, but the fun part is creating a zombified picture of yourself and sending it to Sean to display in a zombie rogues’ gallery on July 1 on Good Girls Bad Juju. Full contest details here.

If you haven’t yet read Shade Fright, the fun first book in Sean’s series, this is a great opportunity to get introduced to Valerie Stevens and her world. Here’s a description of Shade Fright from the publisher’s website (Funeral Pallor is the sequel):

“I fell into this job quite by accident, when I discovered that I possessed the ability to see the preternatural world. There are a handful of people with similar abilities, and part of my job is to locate them, since Government Central and Infrastructure Canada like to keep track of these things. Don’t ask me why…”

There’s a malevolent force in town, and it’s quite literally Valerie Steven’s job to determine who’s behind it and why they want to destroy the world, starting with Calgary. She’ll have help, in the form of her best friend (now more or less a zombie, unfortunately), a powerful dwarf troll, and the ghost of former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King (but he goes by ‘Bill’ these days). But that’s not all – Valerie has some tricks up her sleeve and, she hopes, luck on her side. Oh, and her boyfriend, Dave. He drives a dump truck.

I can’t wait to see the zombie pics people send in. If you enter, good luck!


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