Hellforged outtake

Here’s a brief scene I cut from the final, streamlined version of Hellforged. In it, Vicky tries to get through one of the checkpoints that separate Deadtown from the New Combat Zone:

“Hi, Ms. Vaughn. Didn’t you come through here a little while ago?” It must’ve been the same half-nosed zombie I’d encountered on my way home, although it was hard to tell. Now that it was daylight, the guard was all bundled up: sunglasses, ski mask, hat, scarf, jacket, not a single inch of zombie flesh exposed. Zombies didn’t feel the cold—now, coatless and jogging in place, I envied that—but all those clothes kept sunlight off the skin.

“Yeah, but I left my watch at Creature Comforts. So I’m just going to run over there and get it. I won’t be two minutes.”

The gate didn’t rise. Okay, I’d go around the end of it. I started forward, but a gloved hand grabbed my arm and yanked me back. I could feel five finger-shaped bruises form.

“I need to see your ID card,” he said.

Damn. I knew I should’ve run upstairs for my jacket. I could picture it now, draped over the arm of the sofa.

“Oh, come on,” I said. “You know me. You said, ‘Hi, Ms. Vaughn’ a second ago.”

He shrugged. “Rules are rules. I can’t let you through unless I see your ID. The gate won’t go up unless I swipe it.”

“I can walk around the gate.”

His grip tightened. “Not if I don’t let you.”

“Come on,” I said through chattering teeth. “Nobody will ever know. I’ll run straight to Creature Comforts and then run right back.”

“They’ll know.” He jutted his chin at a video camera pointed at the booth. “They always know. They watch everything.”

I shivered, the cold slicing through my clothes. Instead of standing here arguing, I could’ve sprinted home and been back by now with my ID. But encountering an officious jerk made me stubborn. Besides, the bad feeling I’d had since I woke up kept growing. Once I had my watch back, I’d know Difethwr’s appearance had been a dream.

My fingers were turning blue. I stuck my hands in the pockets of my jeans in hopes of staving off frostbite. My fingers touched plastic. I pulled out my ID card.

“Here.” I handed it over.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it? Why didn’t you just give me your ID in the first place?” He paused mid-swipe. “Hey. Are you some kind of government worker checking up on me?”

“No. Honest. All I want is to get my watch, go home, and crawl back into my nice, warm bed.” He didn’t know how true that was.

He gave me a long, appraising once-over. At least I think that’s what he was doing the way he pointed his bundled-up face in my direction. Then he swiped the card with a swift, smooth motion.

“Okay, Ms. Vaughn, you’re clear to go. Have a nice day.”

I snatched my card, crammed it back into my pocket, and raced under the rising gate.

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2 responses to “Hellforged outtake

  • GlamKitty

    You’ve just made me wish for a companion booklet to the series… full of all these little outtakes. 🙂

    Scenes like this one may not be entirely necessary to the overall story, but they sure are fun to read!

    • nancyholzner

      Hi GlamKitty,

      That would be fun. I’m also working on some short stories that I hope to post here before too long–dealing with backstory and secondary characters (who, of course, don’t see themselves as secondary at all! 🙂 )

      Thanks for stopping by!

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