ArmadilloCon schedule

I’ll be at AmadilloCon in Austin, Texas from 8/27 through 8/29. I’m really excited to attend—it’s got amazing guests and a great program. Plus I get to hang out with my daughter, who lives in Austin.

On Friday, I’m participating in the day-long Writers Workshop. On Saturday and Sunday, I’ve got this schedule:

  • Why Do Shapeshifters Get the Girl?
    • Sat Noon-1:00 PM Trinity
    • I. Andrews, G. Andrews, T. Mallory, N. Holzner, S. Leicht (moderator)
  • Vampires: From Folklore to Fanfic
    • Sat 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Sabine
    • Ma. Finn (moderator), R. Klaw, S. Cupp, N. Southard, N. Holzner
  • Better Writing through Mythology
    • Sun 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Trinity
    • S. Leicht, K. Beutner, M. Bey, R. Caine, N. Holzner (moderator), S. Swendson
  • Worldbuilding: First Steps
    • Sun Noon-1:00 PM Trinity
    • J. Blaschke, N. Holzner, J. McKinney (moderator), S. Brust, M. Nelson

Looks like fun! If you’ll be there, find me and say hello.

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