Next Stop: Dark Central Station

I’m participating in a brand-new group blog: Dark Central Station. (I love the tag line: “Authors Playing with Dead Things.”) We just launched a couple of days ago. Here’s our posting schedule:

Sunday: Wayne Simmons, Belfast-born horror author of Drop Dead Gorgeous and Flu.

Monday: Thomas Emson, author of several novels in Welsh, as well as The Vampire Trilogy (including Skarlet and Krimson so far), Prey, and Zombie Britannica.

Tuesday: Yours truly, author of Deadtown and Hellforged. (If you’re here, you probably knew that.)

Wednesday: Christina Henry, author of Black Wings, an urban fantasy that will be published by Ace in late November.

Thursday: Erin Kellison, author of the Shadow Series, which includes Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall.

Friday: Urban fantasy author Sean Cummings, whose Valerie Stevens series includes Shade Fright and Funeral Pallor.

Saturday: On Saturdays, we’ll have guest posts, bonus posts, and maybe once in a while take the day off.

I’m excited about the mix of fantasy, horror, apocalyptic fiction—and maybe even an upcoming surprise or two—that these authors bring to the blog. Some I’ve blogged with before; some are new to me. I’ve read and enjoyed novels by Sean, Erin, and Christina, and I’m looking forward to reading works by Thomas and Wayne. If you get a chance, stop by and say hello.


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