Walking Dead Week continues

You’ve got lots and lots of chances to win books at Dark Central Station this week. Here’s what my fellow bloggers and I are giving away there:

Wayne Simmons: Two signed copies of Flu—a zombie apocalypse horror novel set in Belfast, Ireland—to two lucky winners.

Thomas Emson: A signed copy of Zombie Britannica, a zombie novel set in the U.K., and one of Skarlet, a scary tale of evil vampires in London—both to the same winner.

Nancy Holzner: A signed copy of either Deadtown or Hellforged (winner’s choice).

Christina Henry: A signed copy of Black Wings, her debut urban fantasy novel that’s coming out from Ace next month. I had a chance to read a prepublication copy, and here’s what I wrote for a blurb: “A fun, fast ride through the gritty streets of magical Chicago, Black Wings has it all: a gutsy heroine just coming into her power, bad-ass bad guys, a sexy supernatural love interest, and a scrappy gargoyle sidekick. Highly recommended.”

Erin Kellison: A signed set of her books Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall, which Publishers Weekly called “a blend of suspense and paranormal romance.”

Sean Cummings: At least one signed copy of Funeral Pallor, the second book in his fun, Canada-based urban fantasy series featuring Valerie Stevens.

There’s something for everyone! And entering is easy—either leave a comment on a post or send an email. See individual contests for details.

By the way, I’m planning a big giveaway on this site throughout December, similar to last year’s Countdown to Deadtown contest, to celebrate the release of Hellforged at the end of that month. Details to come!


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