Starting a scene with dialogue

Yesterday I was so busy announcing my Happy Hellforged Holidays contest (have you entered yet?) that I didn’t get a chance to share a guest post I wrote for Janice Hardy’s excellent writing blog, The Other Side of the Story.

I wrote about starting a scene with dialogue. I don’t mean using a line of dialogue as the first line of a new scene (although sometimes that’s a good technique). I’m talking about my overall writing process. When I sit down to write a new scene, I find it easiest to begin with any dialogue that the scene contains. Once I can hear what the characters are saying, I can go back and layer in other details: where they are, what they’re doing, what the POV character is thinking, other sensory imagery. For me, dialogue is the scene’s skeleton, which I then go back and flesh out.

You can read the post here. And if you haven’t read Janice’s blog before, take some time to read the other posts. The blog is packed with  valuable information for writers.

And if you haven’t entered my Happy Hellforged Holidays contest yet, do it now! You could win a Kindle (or a gift card worth the same amount), a signed copy of Hellforged, and one of three surprise prizes to be chosen by characters from Vicky’s world. It takes two seconds to enter: Just send an email with your name and postal address to Full details here.


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