Happy Hellforged Holidays . . . From Tina

So I got asked to pick a prize for the Hellforged countdown contest.  I took a peek at Hellforged for inspiration. Here’s how Vicky describes me in the first chapter:

Not what you’d call a pretty sight. Like all zombies, Tina had spongy, gray-green skin and bloodred eyes. But the rest of her—the lashes gummy with mascara, the Barbie fashion sense, the double ponytails sprouting from the top of her head—that was 100 percent Tina.

Okay, so that first part stings. I mean, I can only do my best with what I’ve got, just like anybody else, right? I know I’ll never be Miss America. But I was glad to see that Vicky at least appreciates my sense of style.

And that’s how I decided what to pick for a prize. No fashion-conscious zombie should be without this awesome mirrored compact:

You can use it to touch up your lip gloss or, you know, make sure there’s no blood dribbling down you chin. Oh, and you’ll also get a signed copy of Hellforged.

All the contest details are here. But here’s the cheat-sheet version of how to enter: Send an email with your name and your mailing address to HellforgedStuff@gmail.com. Whether or not you win my prize, you’ll also be entered to win the grand prize of a Kindle WiFi (or a gift card worth the same amount). Only one entry per person, please.

Be sure to check back next week to see if you won! You’ll also find out what Juliet, Vicky’s roommate, picked for her prize.


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