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Finding balance

My weekly post at Dark Central Station is about finding balance in my writing life. I’m not always very successful at this, so I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on how to keep an even keel when life insists on violent ups-and-downs!

I also announce the winner of last week’s contest. If you shared a tip for avoiding zombies on trick-or-treat night, see if you won!


Trick-or-treat night

Candy grab!

If you read my earlier post about Halloween in my neighborhood, you know that we get crazy numbers of trick-or-treaters each year. It was chilly this year—in the low 40s F—so I didn’t think we’d match last year’s record of 605. But not only did we match it—we beat it to set a new record of 627 kids who stopped at our house for candy!

The line to come onto our porch

My mother-in-law put on a witch hat and played the role of an evil witch who tried to steal kids’ candy. Some of the kids played along, others weren’t quite sure who the crazy lady in the witch hat was. A couple even gave her a piece of their candy haul.

The "evil witch" reaches for an unsuspecting trick-or-treater's candy bag...

We gave away nearly 25 pounds of candy. It was a fun (if cold) night. How was your Halloween?

Indiana Jones gets some treasure

Lots of superheroes in my neighborhood!

The night's best costume--he made it himself!

Ongoing contests

There’s still time to enter two great contests I’m sponsoring this week:

Win a signed copy of Deadtown or Hellforged (winner’s choice) by reading this post at Dark Central Station and leaving a comment on that site sharing your favorite tip for avoiding a zombie attack while trick-or-treating. Contest ends at midnight tonight.

Win a signed copy of Deadtown or Hellforged (winner’s choice) PLUS a Zombie Girl Sex Kitten necklace by reading this Paperback Dolls post from Tina, Deadtown’s favorite zombie, on waking up dead. To enter, leave comment on Tina’s post there that describes a rude awakening of your own. Contest ends 11/13.

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