Happy Hellforged Holidays! Second Winner and Aunt Mab’s Contest

Three weeks to go until Hellforged’s release, so it’s time to give away another prize. Random.org has spoken, and the winner of drawing #2 is . . .

Shawn M. Riddle

Shawn has won a color-changing “Fangs for the Memories” coffee mug and a signed copy of Hellforged. And of course he remains eligibile to win the grand prize of a Kindle WiFi or gift card, to be given away on December 28. Congratulations, Shawn!

You’ve still got plenty of time to enter—see the end of this post for details. The next prize was chosen by Mab, Vicky’s aunt. Mab is a formidable Cerddorion warrior who taught Vicky everything she knows about fighting demons. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting, so I’ll turn things over to her.

Tell me quickly (no, no—don’t look it up), what are the magical properties of obsidian? When I asked young Victory this question, she was unprepared to answer, and I had to remind her that obsidian disperses and redirects negative energy. I’m sure you can see why that’s an essential quality in a weapon used against a malevolent spirit that’s the essence of all demons. It’s why obsidian makes up the blade of Hellforged, a dagger Victory must learn to use if she’s to defeat her enemies and protect those she cares about.

Because it shields against negative energy, obsidian makes for a powerful amulet. That’s why I’ve chosen an obsidian pendant as a prize. The polished snowflake obsidian stone is set in silver and comes with an eighteen-inch silver chain. Silver, as I’m sure you know if you’ve been studying the magical properties of minerals, enhances the moon’s power. In some, it’s also said to enhance psychic ability. Wear this pendant at the time of the full moon to enhance protection and insight. It will serve you well if you’re attacked by demons.

The drawing for Mab’s prize will take place a week from today, on December 14. The winner will receive the necklace and a signed copy of Hellforged. The winner will also be eligible for the Grand Prize of a Kindle WiFi or Amazon gift card worth $139. To enter, send an email containing your name and mailing address to HellforgedStuff@gmail.com. (If you’ve already done that, you’re entered for this drawing.) For complete contest details, click here.

Good luck! 🙂


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