Happy Hellforged Holidays: Week 3 winner and extra prize

Only two weeks to go until Hellforged‘s release! The winner of last week’s drawing, for the snowflake obsidian pendant chosen by Aunt Mab (and of course a signed copy of Hellforged), is . . .

Cheri Whitehouse!!!

Check your email, Cheri, and congratulations!

Last week I announced that, because I started the contest a week early, I’d add an extra prize. Here’s Vicky’s sister, Gwen Santini, to tell you what she’s selected:

So I’m not a zombie or a vampire or anything like that. I’m not even a shapeshifter anymore. I wanted a normal life, and that’s what I’ve got, living in a suburb of Boston with my husband and three kids. I may not run around chasing demons like my sister Vicky, but I live my own adventures.

When you’re a mom like me, the holidays can get unbelievably hectic: presents to buy, parties to host and attend, holiday concerts, dance recitals (Maria’s a snowflake in the Nutcracker this year), decorating, baking . . . Sometimes it feels like I’m running around from the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I finally fall into bed at night. So I can use a little self-indulgence once in a while.

And that’s what I’m offering you if you win the next prize: a box of my favorite indulgence, Godiva chocolates. (You don’t have to share them with kids or spouse.) I’ve chosen the holiday assortment, which has pralines, ganaches, caramels, and four special holiday creations: Mocha Snowflake, dipped in milk chocolate; Mandarin Orange Snowflake in white chocolate; dark chocolate Winter Cocoa with cinnamon and spice; and Winter Almond marzipan, coated in dark chocolate. Indulge yourself!

If you win Gwen’s prize, it will be shipped to you directly from Godiva, and I’ll send your book separately. Some of these chocolates contain nuts. If next week’s winner can’t accept the chocolates because of allergies, dietary restrictions, or shipping restrictions, I’ll arrange a substitute prize of equal value.

Remember, if you’ve already sent an email with your name and mailing address to HellforgedStuff@gmail.com, you’re already entered. No need to send another email. If you haven’t yet entered, email me at that address and I’ll add your name to next week’s drawing–and to the grand prize drawing on December 28 for a Kindle WiFi or a $139 gift card.

Good luck! And enjoy the holidays!


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