Happy Hellforged Day!

Hellforged is out in the world, and I’m ready to celebrate! I feel like I’m cramming another holiday into an already overcrowded holiday season, but why not? We can always use a little extra fun.

Thanks to all who entered my Happy Hellforged Holidays giveaway. There were nearly 300 entries. (Now, if everyone who entered would buy a copy of my book today, I’d be sure to make some bestseller list somewhere! 🙂 ) I’ve consulted the oracle at Random.org, and the grand prize winner is

Nicholas Rejack

Congratulations, Nicholas! Check your email, and we’ll work out the details for getting your Kindle WiFi or gift card to you.

I’ve also got a release day party going on at Fang-tastic Books. Read my post, “Got Zombies?” and leave a comment or question to win a zombie prize pack that Tina would love.

And if you’d like to read a review of Hellforged, check out this one at Fantasy Literature. Justin Blazier writes, “Deadtown was good, but Hellforged is even better . . . If you love urban fantasy, then buy Nancy Holzner’s books right this minute. If you are not sure whether you like urban fantasy, then pick these up the next time you’re in the mood for a change a pace. I think you’ll like them.”

Thanks to everyone who reads my books! I hope you’ll enjoy Hellforged!

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3 responses to “Happy Hellforged Day!

  • Teena

    Hey i think the Tina you talked about was me. If not it’s just my swelled head from winning the book. lol if it is, cant enter US addresses only. Oh well. Next time maybe. Happy New Year.

    • nancyholzner

      Hi Teena,

      I’ll be doing a run to the Post Office today and sending out the book you won on Ilona’s blog, so please watch for it in about a week. I’m trying to do as many international contests as I can, but when I’m sending a box, as opposed to a padded envelope with a single book, the cost skyrockets. International postage is a great thing, but pricey.

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  • Keith

    I’m off to Amazon to load it onto the Kindle. I want it ready when I am.

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