COLD seems to be the theme around here at the moment. I came back from Arisia with a bad cold–feels like a combination of bronchitis and sinusitis. And I spent most of yesterday in bed with a fever, a box of tissues, a cluster of medicine bottles, and a poor-me attitude. 🙂

This morning I woke up to find about half a foot of new snow on the ground. No way I’m shoveling today (we’re on a corner and I have about 100 feet of sidewalk to clear), so we called our handyman who’s kindly taking on the job.

Over the weekend it’s supposed to get REALLY cold here–single-digit Fahrenheit cold. So I expect to spend most of that time holed up inside the nice, warm house with my laptop, making progress on Bloodstone. I’m not sure how much I’ll be online, because I want to use my energy (when I’ve got it) for writing.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re avoiding cold in all its nefarious forms!


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2 responses to “Cold

  • Tamsen

    Oh no! Feel better!!!

  • Deborah Blake

    My friend Ellen came back from Arisia with the same thing–must having been going around the con. (That happened to me 3 years ago at a major Pagan convention, but it was the flu and lasted 2 weeks!)

    Cold here, too…supposed to hit -13 by late Sunday night. Ugh.

    Hope you feel better! Happy writing. (My plan for the weekend, too.)

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