Genre for Japan tsunami relief auction

I put up the following post today on Dark Central Station. I’m reposting it here because I think the Genre for Japan auction offers amazing items for a great cause, and I want to spread the word. Bidding runs through April 3.

A week ago, Wayne Simmons sent out an email telling everyone here about the efforts of Genre for Japan to raise money for earthquake/tsunami relief and asking if we wanted to get involved. That set off a flurry of emails among DCS members. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and generosity of everyone here.

Along with the rest of the world, I watched recent events in Japan with horror. True horror–not the kind that’s fun to scare yourself with at the movies, but a deep sense of shock and helplessness and despair. I watched videos showing the tsunami advance, sweeping away everything in its path, knocking down buildings, tossing around cars and trees and boats. I looked at photos of villages like Saito and Kamaishi that were flattened and washed away. I read stories of people who lost everything. You can’t help but feel powerless in the face of such a disaster.

Wayne’s email offered something a way we could help. There isn’t much any one individual can do in the face of such devastation, but when people work together, they can create something powerful. Genre for Japan is a great example. I watched the site grow from an announcement to a live auction with over a hundred lots, including signed first editions, unique artwork, awesome books, and professionals’ time and expertise.

I’m participating in two lots. For lot 106, I’m contributing signed copies of my Deadtown novels to an urban fantasy grab bag (read the description of what’s being offered–it’s beyond awesome). Lot 108 offers a writing critique from me. Besides being a full-time author, I’ve taught English and creative writing and worked as an editor. I’ve worked with just about every genre you can imagine, not just urban fantasy, so your story doesn’ have to have leather-clad chicks with flaming swords to get good feedback. 🙂 I’ll provide a written critique of up to about 20 pages and follow up with a phone conversation via Skype.

I’m proud to be part of this effort. I hope you’ll give your support.


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