Thankful Thursday: Spring comes to central NY

At Oasis for YA, the suggested topic for this week’s “Thankful for Thursday” post is spring break. I live in a college town—we’ve got two colleges and enough students to double the local population during the academic year—so spring break is always a welcome breather when everything slows down. Students are great. They energize the town and bring in speakers and concerts that otherwise wouldn’t find their way here. This place wouldn’t be half as interesting or as thriving without them. But sometimes it’s also nice to leave the town to us townies for a bit. 🙂

But I want to write about a different kind of spring break—that moment when you know winter is over and even if the temperature drops again or we get some more snow, it’s irrevocably spring. The moment when spring breaks.

Where I live, that moment came this past weekend.  Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny with temperatures in the low 60s. The flowers that had been waiting to emerge (for several days, they’d remained tightly budded in self-defense against the cold) burst into bloom—daffodils especially, but also hyacinths, forsythia, crocuses, and a whole lot more whose names I don’t know. My husband and I spontaneously decided to celebrate by sitting on the front porch, having strawberries and a glass of champagne. We made a toast to spring. We ate plump, sweet, juicy strawberries that tasted like the season we were celebrating. And we had a chance to talk—not concerns about work or the everyday annoyances we tend to report to each other, but fun things. Shared memories. Plans we’d like to pursue. We laughed a lot. I felt more relaxed and in-the-moment than I had in a long time.

I’m a four-seasons kind of person. I enjoy winter: one of my favorite things is taking a walk in the snow. But there’s something about spring—the soft air, scented with flowers and the stirring earth; the birds singing; the burst of activity in nature after a long, quiet time—that makes me hopeful and forward-looking. Taking the time to notice and appreciate the breaking of spring was a wonderful way to fill the well and renew myself.


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