Thankful Thursday: Readers

I’ve had some good interactions with readers during the past week. I got word of a couple of good reviews, over 70 people entered my Peace, Love, and Murder ebook giveaway on Library Thing,  and several people took the time to let me know they’d enjoyed one of my books.

This got me to thinking about what an amazing thing it is that people read my stories. When I started writing seriously about eight years ago, it was with the hope—but not the expectation—that  some day people would read what I wrote. It’s such a gift when someone enters a story world I’ve created, giving it their attention and time, adding their imagination to what I’ve written in an act of co-creation. Today I just wanted to say I’m thankful for that.

About those reviews: On Thrills, Chills, and Romance, J.R. Turner wrote, ”
I loved Deadtown and now Hellforged has found a spot on my keeper shelf! I hope they make it to your bookshelf, too!”

And the ebook edition of Peace, Love, and Murder has received its first review: 5 stars from Good Book Alert! “I highly recommend Peace, Love and Murder whether you like great characters, a well-thought out plot or fast paced adventure. This is the book for you.”

It’s always a lift to get a good review. But I truly appreciate everyone who’s given my books a chance. Thank you.


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