Judy Mays followup

Recently I’ve been devoting Thursdays to writing about something I’m thankful for. Today, it’s the outpouring of support for author Judy Mays, an English teacher for 25 years who was recently “outed” on TV news for writing erotic romance novels.

Watching a cause go viral is an amazing thing. Word spreads fast, people alert their friends, blog posts appear. People take action. In this case, support seemed to grow as quickly as the word got out. Look at all that’s happened in the past 24 hours:

  • Yesterday, the creators of the Judy Mays support page on Facebook hoped to get 100 likes on the first day. As of right now, more than 5,100 people have shown their support by liking the page.
  • WNEP-TV News, which ran the interviews with disgruntled parents, has interviewed local supporters of Mays and will air a follow-up story tonight. According to someone who was there, about 10 people were interviewed.
  • Supportive emails have flooded Judy’s inbox. (According to her Facebook page, she’s reading and answering as many as she can.)
  • Hundreds of people have bought her books—whether or not they normally read her genre.

Although some anger has been directed at the parents who started this and the TV station that aired the story, most of the response I’ve seen has been overwhelmingly positive and focused on supporting Judy Mays as a teacher and an author. It’s been an amazing thing to watch.

ETA: The news station has posted its followup story on its website. This time, they spoke to supporters, including parents and former students.


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