Book recommendations

I read a lot, and I’m going to start sharing my thoughts on books I’ve enjoyed. I’ll try to write one book recommendation a week (or every couple of weeks when life gets busy). I’ll be recommending both recent books and books that have been around for a while. If I picked it up and enjoyed it, I’ll tell you why here.

These will be recommendations, not reviews. What’s the difference? I’m going to focus on what I liked about a book: what I enjoyed as a reader, what I learned as a writer. If I didn’t enjoy a book, I won’t write about it. Something that’s not my cup of tea or that I read at the wrong time might be a fun or meaningful book to someone else. I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading any book. (That’s the English teacher in me. 🙂 ) But for books I enjoyed, I’ll tell you why.

Up this week: The Restorer by Amanda Stevens.


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