Peace, Love, and Murder; Kindle Nation; and ebook sales

If you own a Kindle and you don’t know about Kindle Nation Daily, you’re missing out. The site keeps you informed about free and inexpensive Kindle books, offers Kindle tips, and shares the latest Kindle news. It’s a great way to learn about bargains and new books.

Today my mystery, Peace, Love, and Murder, is Ebook of the Day on Kindle Nation and its sister sites Book Gorilla and I’m hoping my sponsorship will make the book visible to readers who wouldn’t hear about it otherwise. PLM is a fun mystery with quirky characters, both action and humor, and just a smidgen of romance. For 99 cents, I hope people will find it worth a try.

Sales for the ebook edition of PLM have been growing steadily since I made it available as an ebook in April. For the first month, I priced the book at $2.99. In May, I dropped the price to 99 cents. I figured that readers would be more likely to take a chance at that price. Here’s how sales have grown in Amazon’s Kindle Store:

  • April: 14 books
  • May: 129 books
  • June: 588 books
  • July: Sales passed 1,000 yesterday, and I’m on track to sell at least 1,500 for the month

( PLM is also available online at B&N, Smashwords, the iBooks store, and other sites, but has only sold a few copies through those outlets.)

For each 99-cent ebook sold on Amazon, I earn just under 35 cents. So here’s another way to look at those numbers. When I first uploaded PLM as an ebook, I told myself that maybe I’d be able to earn enough to pay my phone bill each month. April missed that goal, but April and May combined hit it. In June, I earned enough to pay for my (high-deductible!) health insurance for the month. If July continues to average 50 books a day, I’ll earn enough to pay my phone bill, my health insurance bill, and the minimum plus a bit on my credit card. I’m a long way from paying off that credit card or from paying the mortgage based on PLM sales, but those sales are definitely helping with my finances.

Even better: I’m now planning to write the sequel to PLM. I’d started it back in 2008, but when Deadtown sold in a two-book contract, I shifted my attention and my energy to  urban fantasy. A number of people who’ve read PLM have asked about a sequel, and I’m really happy to be able to say I’ll be working on it in the fall. (I want to find out what happens next, too!)

Publishing is changing because how people read is changing. How they discover books is changing. What they expect to pay is changing. I don’t know where all this is headed. But count me among the writers who are pleased to be able to keep backlist titles alive as ebooks.


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2 responses to “Peace, Love, and Murder; Kindle Nation; and ebook sales

  • GlamKitty

    I am SO happy for you!! (Please note my happiness isn’t entirely selfless, though… I’ve been dying for a sequel to PLM since… well, since right after turning the final page sometime last year! ;D)

  • nancyholzner

    Thanks, GK! 🙂 I’m looking forward to writing it.

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