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Reading for pleasure

My post today at Dark Central Station is all about reading for pleasure, and the different ways I find enjoyment when I read a novel. What about you? What kinds of books make up your pleasure reading? What do you most enjoy when you read a good book? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Well, that was fun :)

Yesterday’s sponsorship of The Frugal eReader and Pixel of Ink netted fantastic results for sales of Peace, Love, and Murder.

Throughout August, I’d been averaging about 60 sales per day of the book, which has been great and exceeded my original expectations. But yesterday, after being featured on those two sites, my sales spiked to more than 300 for the day. That was enough to get Peace, Love, and Murder into the top 10 on Amazon’s Kindle Movers & Shakers list (the books that show the biggest improvement in sales rank). The book’s sales rank peaked at 149 in the paid Kindle Store. Top 150, baby! 🙂

The spike in sales increased the book’s visibility, too. PLM made it to #16 in the Top 100 mystery titles. I’m hoping that readers who are browsing on Amazon, looking for a mystery, will see PLM and give it a try.

Thanks to all who’ve bought the book!  It’s still a thrill to think that someone reads the description and maybe a sample, thinks “This sounds like fun,” and clicks the Buy button. And, for everyone who’s been asking, the sequel is coming soon! I hope to have it available by the end of the year. It’ll be my next project after I’ve handed in the manuscript for Deadtown #4.

Peace, Love, and Murder featured

My mystery ebook, Peace, Love, and Murder, is being featured on two different websites today:

If you have an ebook reader, you should know about the sites. Both feature free and inexpensive ebooks, updated daily. I’ve found some great reads by following them.

I bought sponsorships on both sites. I didn’t intend for them to happen on the same day–I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I got the scheduling emails. Last month, I mentioned here that I’d bought a sponsorship on Kindle Nation. It was money well spent. Before my sponsorship, Peace, Love, and Murder was on track to sell about 1,550 copies in July (based on average daily sales). On my Kindle Nation sponsorship day, the book’s sales rank peaked at 522, and I sold over 150 copies just that day. The sales bump continued for a week, and I closed out July with 1,841 Kindle sales.

Even more than daylong or weeklong sales numbers, though, I think the benefit of buying a sponsorship has been an increase in visibility. When a book makes it onto one of Amazon’s Top 100 lists for a genre, the book starts to appear as a recommendation on other pages. (“Customers who bought X also bought Y.”) That visibility explains why I’m selling 60 books a day on the U.S. Amazon site but few on other sites (Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords).

So I’m looking forward to seeing how today’s sponsorships compare to last month’s. I’ll share that info when I have it. And if you know someone who enjoys a good mystery with quirky characters, lots of suspense, and just a touch of romance, send them to Peace, Love, and Murder. For just 99 cents (the price of a pack of gum!), they’ll get a full-length novel and a fun read.

Zombie Cinderella

Throughout August, Dark Faerie Tales and Tynga’s Reviews are featuring Fantastic Fables with a paranormal twist. Authors have contributed stories and posts in which one of their characters is immersed in the world of a fairy tale.

If you haven’t yet checked out this event, you should. The variety of stories and approaches is fascinating. Some authors have their characters interacting with those from the fairy tale, others retell a story by setting it in their characters’ world. Still others show a character’s take on a fairy tale theme.

Today, it’s Vicky’s turn. In “Zombie Cinderella,” she helps Tina get to a family party–only to find the family doesn’t want Tina there. What happens next is the stuff (modern) fairy tales are made of.

To read “Zombie Cinderella” and enter for a chance to win a signed book of your choice from my Deadtown series, visit Dark Faerie Tales.

Hello-o-o-o-o-o? Anybody there?

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately. I’ve been writing like a demon (whichever kind of demon it is that writes), trying to make a mid-September deadline. I also spent last Thursday through Sunday at the Authors After Dark convention in Philadelphia. So now I’m writing like two of those writing demons.

It’s a jolt (in a good way) to step out of my writing cave and into the bright lights of a con. People! Conversation! Free books! Parties! Now that I’ve crept back into the cave, the whole experience feels a little overwhelming and difficult to process. Especially because all the fun and socializing of a con doesn’t do a darn thing to change a deadline. But I did post a brief recap of AAD over at Dark Central Station.

Now, it’s butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, and full steam ahead!


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