Well, that was fun :)

Yesterday’s sponsorship of The Frugal eReader and Pixel of Ink netted fantastic results for sales of Peace, Love, and Murder.

Throughout August, I’d been averaging about 60 sales per day of the book, which has been great and exceeded my original expectations. But yesterday, after being featured on those two sites, my sales spiked to more than 300 for the day. That was enough to get Peace, Love, and Murder into the top 10 on Amazon’s Kindle Movers & Shakers list (the books that show the biggest improvement in sales rank). The book’s sales rank peaked at 149 in the paid Kindle Store. Top 150, baby! 🙂

The spike in sales increased the book’s visibility, too. PLM made it to #16 in the Top 100 mystery titles. I’m hoping that readers who are browsing on Amazon, looking for a mystery, will see PLM and give it a try.

Thanks to all who’ve bought the book!  It’s still a thrill to think that someone reads the description and maybe a sample, thinks “This sounds like fun,” and clicks the Buy button. And, for everyone who’s been asking, the sequel is coming soon! I hope to have it available by the end of the year. It’ll be my next project after I’ve handed in the manuscript for Deadtown #4.


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