Still here

I’ve been swamped during the past week, with Bloodstone‘s release, keeping up with my blog tour, and finishing up the manuscript for Darklands. (Note to self: In future, avoid having a release and a deadline coincide.)

I’m not a great multi-tasker. When I write, I need to focus so I can dive deep into the world I’m creating. That world has to be real to me to become vivid on the page–and it’s impossible to get myself fully into paranormal Boston while I’m simultaneously updating my Facebook status, chatting on Twitter, scanning news headlines, answering emails, and checking my book’s Amazon sales rank.

So I’ve been limiting my time on the Internet until I cross some of the big items off my to-do list. I am, however, keeping up with my blog tour, checking in at  each stop to say hello and respond to any questions or comments that blog readers have. Today I’m at The Book Faery and Night Owl Reviews. There are giveaways at both sites. So stop by, say hello (I check for comments throughout the day), and enter to win a book!

Now, back to the Darklands…


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