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Happy New Year!

I managed to miss the entire month of December on the blog, thanks to a combination of revising Darklands, an influx of day-job work, holiday preparations, and a bout of the flu. Except for the flu, all that was good, but it took a lot of my time.

So 2011 ended in kind of a blur. (Not the alcohol-induced kind, either!) As 2012 begins, I’m not bothering with resolutions that I’ll forget about by the end of the month. But I do have some goals for the year:

Write two novels. For all of you who’ve been waiting for the sequel to Peace, Love, and Murder, this is the year. I’m working on it now, in fact. Also up, of course, is book #5 in my Deadtown series.

Write some short stories and a novella. I’d like to branch out in my writing, and writing shorter pieces would be a great way to try new things.

Get more musical. I took years of piano lessons as a child. For the past couple of years, a keyboard has gathered dust in my office. I’d like to learn how to play again. And the nice thing about an electronic keyboard is I can plug in some headphones and spare my husband the sound of my baby steps as I re-learn. 🙂

Cultivate generosity. This one’s a little abstract, so I hope I can explain what I mean. As I get older, I become more and more convinced that the most important thing in life is generosity of spirit. I see this as a way of living openly, rather than defensively, and appreciating others for who they are. How do you do that? I’m going to try a combination of meditation, appreciation, listening, and taking the time to say thank you.

I’ve got other goals—writing weekly book recommendations, taking a vacation (our last was in 2007), getting in my half-hour of exercise each day, blogging more regularly—but if I can manage the four listed above, I’ll consider 2012 a success.

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 will be a happy, meaningful, and successful year for you.


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