Spring Writes comes to Ithaca this weekend!

Spring has come to central New York. That means the temperature bounces from 50 to 80 to 35 up to 65, down below freezing for a couple of nights, and then back to 72. Or maybe 90. Anything from wind to snow to thunderstorms to love can be in the air. Flowers manage to blossom. Birds build their nests. (I’m trying to discourage one who’s targeted my front porch.) College students and faculty celebrate the end of classes. And Ithacans turn their minds to books.

There are two major literary events happening in my town this weekend. One is the opening of the semiannual Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library book sale, which will have more than a quarter of a million books, videos, and recordings for sale. Although I don’t plan to camp out on the sidewalk to be first in line (others do!), I’ll be there. Several times. Prices decrease as the sale goes on, so I usually look for my must-have books on the first weekend and then return later for bargain-hunting and impulse-buying.

This weekend is also Spring Writes, an annual literary festival held in Ithaca and featuring local authors. Spring Writes is pretty new, in its third year, and this is the first time I’m participating. On Saturday, I’ll be a panelist discussing Life After Publication: The Pleasantries and Pitfalls of Success (Tompkins County Public Library, 12:30-2:00). On Sunday, my writers’ group is doing a group reading at Buffalo Street Books from 4:00-5:30, with a reception to follow. There are tons of fun events going on–whether you’re a published author, an aspiring one, or an enthusiastic reader; whether you prefer literary fiction, genre fiction, or sticking to the facts; whether you want to hone your own writing skills, learn about the business, or have a good laugh.

If you find yourself in Ithaca this weekend, either on purpose or because you wandered off an Interstate and got lost on the back roads, stop by and say hello!

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