Guest Post: J.R. Turner, author of REDEMPTION

Today I’m very happy to have author J.R. Turner stop by to talk about her new novel, REDEMPTION. I’ve had a chance to read the manuscript and recommend the book to anyone who likes an action-packed, sexy urban fantasy.

So please welcome J.R. Turner!

Sometimes you really have to wonder why you waited so long. That’s how I feel about my first urban fantasy. I absolutely adore apocalyptic (zombie or otherwise) books and movies. If there’s an end to the world as the hero knows it, a romance, and plenty of violence—I’m a happy camper. So really—why did I wait so long?

The only answer I have is that somehow I allowed myself to focus on what editors wanted instead of following my joy and when I gave carte blanche to my imagination, the result was really cool.

Okay, where did all this start, right? When I was a kid a lot of very bad stuff happened to me, the sort of things that might explain a drug addiction or a criminal history. Instead, I became obsessed with understanding human nature and in particular, our ability to rise above disastrous, tragic, or horrific events and discover happiness, even triumph.

At 11, Gone with the Wind became my favorite book, shortly after that I read The Stand by Stephen King and got hooked on horror. Then at 13 I saw the Nadia Comaneci and found her ability to excel under pain, that in fact her pain may have helped her excel, so inspirational I vowed to never let my own pain hold me back.

Much of the underlying themes in Redemption are born from the struggle I faced in dealing with the aftermath of all those terrible events. Part of me was furious that those I loved never protected me, and in some cases, caused the pain. Part of me was desperate to connect and be loved. Part of me wanted nothing more than to be left alone. Part of me yearned to dream and trust in the possibilities. In the end, I recognized that all those parts make a whole person and these are universal struggles.

Savannah is a soldier, a leader, and when she dies and is resurrected, she must face the horror of what she did in the line of duty while attempting to earn her way into heaven. Nico is a modern-day Robin Hood who lost his way when he fell in love with a demon who stole his soul. He is on a vengeful mission to kill those he believes are responsible for the deaths of his sister and her children. The balance of good and evil inside us is always being tested and through this half-angel and half-demon, you sometimes wonder who has the more pure and selfless goal.

I hope readers will enjoy Redemption as much as I loved writing it. I loved the process so much, I’m working on my second urban fantasy now. Thanks Nancy, for having me here today!

J.R. Turner

J.R. Turner is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Writers Association. She writes in a variety of genres including middle-grade adventures, young adult horror, romantic suspense, horror, military action, and urban fantasy. In her spare time she enjoys arts and crafts, traveling, and movies. Few things in life compare to her passion for the written word, except perhaps the pursuit of chocolate.

REDEMPTION is available here:


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10 responses to “Guest Post: J.R. Turner, author of REDEMPTION

  • jrturner

    Thanks bunches for hosting me, Nancy! I’m thrilled to be here!! 🙂

    Jenny (J.R. Turner)

  • Christy Weber

    Jenny, I have read Redemption and I fell in love with the characters and all that they go through. I was literally at the end of my seat when I read it. It’s more than the characters though, it’s how they are intertwined with the events and the actions they take that expose their own triumphs and failings. In other words, it hooked me. I enjoyed this book very much.

    You mention in your post that you are writing a second urban fantasy. Will it have any of the same characters, locations, demons, in your next book, or will it have a completely different story line?

  • Tamsen

    Great post! Looking forward to checking out Redemption!

  • jrturner

    Thanks so much Christy and Tamsen for stopping by! 🙂 Christy–the new urban fantasy will be different characters in a more normal cityscape. The heroine is the daughter of Loki and has a human mother–and she doesn’t know it–yet! I’m really excited to see where this adventure takes me. So glad you liked Redemption though–I think it’s my best book yet!


  • MelanieL

    I know I’m a late comer to this blog post but I just found it, loved what you had to say and am interested in the book(s).

    I’m so confused though. I checked and couldn’t find Redemption. I did find an author with the same name but I’m not entirely sure it is indeed you. (I don’t know what other books you may have written or if this is your first).

    I noticed the links to buy your novel but Barnes and Noble was also not listed. I have a Nook, so naturally I live (virtually) at Barnes and Noble. *wink*.

    Do you maybe have a website or blog where I can find what other books you may have written?

    *goes off to hunt for Redemption on Barnes and Noble hoping I can find it and others there*

  • jrturner

    Nancy, so sorry I didn’t see Melanie’s post right away! I appreciate you helping her to find my book. That’s so VERY cool of you!!! 🙂 I’m so excited to read Darklands!! Thank you bunches for everything 🙂
    P.S. I contacted Bewitching Book Tour based on your recommendation and I’m thrilled to be on board with them for the fall! 🙂

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