Tales from Deadtown on Kickstarter

A lot of readers have asked me to write a prequel to Deadtown, detailing what happened during the plague that turned two thousand Bostonians into zombies. Originally, I thought I could tell the story in a few thousand words. As I thought about it and outlined and thought about it some more, the story grew. If I were to write it, the story of the plague that created Deadtown would be at least novella length.

I thought it would be fun to bundle this novella together with some short stories set in Deadtown’s world to create a longer book. Some of the stories would feature Vicky, and others would feature secondary characters. I could explore the world of Deadtown while the main story arc of the series moves forward in books 5 and 6–and invite readers to explore it with me.

Because this project is a sideline to the series, I decided to write and publish it independently. To help finance it, I created a Kickstarter project for Tales from Deadtown. I liked the idea of using Kickstarter, because besides seeing whether there’s interest in the stories, I can solicit feedback from contributors. Writing this collection will be a two-way street: I’ll keep supporters updated with progress reports, snippets, and thoughts about what I’m writing, and I’ll also ask for supporters’ thoughts about the questions they’d like answered and the Deadtown-based stories they’d like to read.

The cover art, created by the extremely talented Robin Ludwig, really captures the feel of the series and the excitement of these stories. If you’d like to support the project, helping to cover expenses for the cover, editing, formatting, and proofreading (as well as allowing me the time to fit the project into my schedule), please take a look at my Kickstarter page. I’ve got some fun rewards for all levels on contributors–as well as my endless gratitude. Thanks for your support!


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