Darklands release day!

Today’s the day! Darklands is now out in the world. If you’re out and about and you see a copy, let me know where you saw it.

I’ve seen some great reviews for Darklands so far. RT Book Reviews had this to say:

Part of what makes the Deadtown novels so compelling is how Holzner employs themes of discrimination and fear. Vicky’s determination and stubbornness are alternately her greatest asset and her most dangerous weakness. Holzner generates complications and tension with grace.

From A Book Obsession:

With each book in the Deadtown series, I only get sucked further in, this installment even more so considering the way things ended. While not a cliffhanger in the strictest sense, a lot of things are left in the balance, leaving me desperate to find out what happens next. Darklands was incredibly action packed, leaving me literally on the edge of my seat. Combine that with the intense emotional moments and Vicky’s character growth, and Darklands made for an incredibly entertaining installment that cannot be missed!

From Bitten by Books:

With each installment, the reader gets treated to a wild ride of exploration as Holzner depicts another alternate plane within her intricate universe. As each of its predecessors in the Deadtown series does, the terrific Darklands strikes an ideal balance between action, introspection, world-building, and character development. Vicky’s family dynamics, despite the paranormal aspects, feel realistic and genuine, and along with new developments in relationships keep the reader invested in how things play out. In each outing, layers of the mythology underpinning the story get revealed, adding richness to the tale. As always, the author’s deft use of humor hits just the right notes, comfortably sharing space with the emotional moments. All urban fantasy lovers should be reading this superb series, and this reviewer will be first in line for book five.

From I Smell Sheep:

This is another home run in the Deadtown series with page turning action, humor, clever world building and a twist at the end I didn’t see coming. Love it when that happens.

From Whatchamacallit Reviews:

All in all I really liked Darklands. I’ve been a fan of the Deadtown series and this is probably my favorite book of the series thus far. I enjoyed the medieval setting of the limbo-limbo-like-underworld, the new characters, and the action and new spins on the story. I can’t wait for the next book, and would have no trouble recommending this one to anyone who likes urban fantasy.

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Go get ’em, Vicky!


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