Using Kickstarter to Support TALES FROM DEADTOWN

Some people have asked me how to support a project on Kickstarter. It’s easy. If you have an account with, you’ve already got (almost) everything you need to set up a Kickstarter account.

To support a project on Kickstarter, find a project you like (this one is a great example!). Decide how much you’d like to pledge–it can be any amount you want, from as little as a dollar to well, the sky’s the limit. Click the upper-right Sign Up link.

Kickstarter walks you through the process, collecting some basic information (the name you want to use on the site, your email address, and a password). Alternatively, you can log in with Facebook. Click Sign Me Up!

Kickstarter takes you back to the project page. Click the big green Back This Project button. This takes you to the pledge page. Type in the amount you want to pledge, then select a reward. You can also choose no reward if you’d rather just lend your support. Click Continue To Next Step.

The next page explains that you check out through Amazon. Click Continue To Amazon. Once you’re there, you either give Amazon the OK to process your payment, or (if you’re one of the three people on the planet who don’t yet have an Amazon account) set up the account.

Easy. If the project meets its goal, your Amazon account gets charged for the amount you pledged after the clock has ticked down. If the project doesn’t meet its goal, your Amazon account isn’t charged. (But that’s no fun!)

Kickstarter is fun. I’ve pledged to support numerous projects. Some got funding, some didn’t. But I’ve loved the excitement of watching support build.

A lot of people have told me that they’d love to see a Deadtown prequel. I’d love to write one–along with several short stories set in Deadtown’s world. I can make it a priority if my Kickstarter project gets funded. Even if you can’t contribute, please help to spread the word.

To support TALES FROM DEADTOWN, click here.

And THANK YOU to those who have pledged so far!


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