May 16 is Firestorm Day! So that means a CONTEST!!!

I’m working on a new and improved website, but life has been pulling me in many directions (working two jobs, moving, and a bunch of other things but best of all I’m writing again…). A busy life doesn’t keep the clock from ticking, though, and I don’t have the new site ready this week as I’d planned.

But I do have time to run a contest! Firestorm comes out one week from today, on May 16. It’s coming out in ebook format only, and that gave me the idea for the contest.

To celebrate the release of Firestorm, the sixth and last book of my Deadtown series, I’m giving away either a Kindle Paperwhite or a $100 Amazon gift card–your choice.

Deadtown features Vicky Vaughn, a shapeshifter who kills other people’s personal demons for a living. (You can read about the kinds of demons she exterminates by clicking the Deadtown 101 link at the top of the page.) To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post telling me two things: If you were a shapeshifter attacking a demon, what kind of demon would you kill and what form would you take to fight it?

This contest is open to everyone. Enter between now and 11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 15, when one winner will be selected at random. I’ll announce the winner on May 16. Good luck!


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15 responses to “May 16 is Firestorm Day! So that means a CONTEST!!!

  • Lindsay Thompson

    I would want to kill an Eidolon, because I’ve had issues dealing with personal guilt and would like a chance to actually battle it out with a guilt demon! I would force it to manifest outside of me (like Vicky did with Butterfly) and then the shape I would select would be (weirdly enough) a mini dachshund. They’re great hunters, really fast, and if they feel threatened, they can be vicious in their protection of others. Plus they could take out the demon from underneath without it seeing much of anything!

    Thanks for the great series! Can’t wait to read Fitestorm next week!

  • debblakeauthor

    I’m just so excited the book is coming out!

  • Trisha Thompson

    Hi there!! Soooo excited for this book.

    I think I would probably want to destroy an Eilodon, probably because I’m so susceptible to guilt myself.

    My preferred shape would probably be a jaguar. So sleek and slick!

  • Jessica

    Kill a night hag by turning into an even worse demon lol maybe a hellion 😉

  • Sullivan McPig

    I’d fight a depression demon and I would take the form of a pink platypus, because I think that form is cheerful and would scare the depression demon.

  • Stef Strosky

    I would be fighting a night hag because people absolutely do not need to be tormented while sleeping. Daily life is hard and scary enough at times. To fight I would be in the form of one of histories most powerful and revered archtypes, the Thunderbird.

  • Aly (@megeara_erinyes)

    This was a bit creepy but I’d kill a drudes demon in a leopard form.

  • Scott W Balliet

    It would have to be a harpy in Grizzly Bear shape. Fast, strong, and decisive!!

    Will Firestorm ONLY be in ebook?

    • nancyholzner

      HI Scott, Yes, that was what the publisher decided. I’m kinda sad I won’t have a full set for my bookshelf, but I’m fortunate that they’re publishing the book.

  • Kaysi Peister

    Count me in on this please 🙂

  • crystal sarakas

    I’d definitely take out a drude.

  • Kaysi Peister

    Count me in! 🙂 You are the best!

  • Robert

    I’d fight a harpy in werewolf form, the harpy paralyze with her screech in the night, when you are asleep, but in werewolf form your senses are more awake, so I’d heard the flapping of her wings before she get close enough and I’d jump her from my bed into the wall as soon she enters the house, werewolf are fast and strong, and that is a quality I need to defeat a flying harpy

  • Ami

    I will probably kill fire-demons in a grizzly bear who can freeze things to death *lol*

  • Erica Rogers

    Glad the new book is coming out!! Wicked happy to hear you are writing again!
    Not sure this qualifies for contest but I would kill a night hag (not big on nightmares) and I would do it as a big cat. Lion or panther. Their night vision is better and they are natural night hunters.

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