The Cerddorion

Ceridwen’s story is the starting point for the race of shapeshifters I created for Deadtown, the Cerddorion (pronounced ker-THOR-yon). Cerddorion means “sons of Ceridwen,” but I use it to mean the entire race descended from her through Taliesin. My protagonist, Vicky Vaughn, is Cerddorion. She can change her shape to any sentient creature, up to three times per lunar cycle.

Among the Cerddorion, only females have the ability to change, and that ability manifests at puberty. Cerddorion women can shift at will, or sometimes strong emotion can force a shift. Shifts last anywhere from two to twelve hours, and they’re strongest at the full moon. If a Cerddorion woman gives birth, she loses her ability to shift and becomes the same as a normal human woman. (This was the choice made by Vicky’s older sister Gwen.)

Since their beginnings, the Cerddorion have also battled demons. Vicky spent seven summers training with her Aunt Mab in Wales. Now, she’s the only professional demon fighter in Boston.

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